Who’ll be with you? 

“We are with you don’t worry” parents said when he was 10.

” We never let you feel alone” friends said when he was 20.

“I’ll be with you till the end”girlfriend said when he was 25.

“I’ll not leave your hand” daughter said when he was 70.

All these words striked the ninety years old man’s mind he heard “Nothing happens, I’m here to save you sir” by a doctor. 

He couldn’t speak at the time, but every moment he lived came infront of him now. As a son, as a lover, as a husband, as a friend, as a father, he was fooled by the emotions always. He blindly believed everytime he heard “I’m with you”. If every promise was real, now he would’ve been surrounded by many people. He left some, some left him. Now, he’s e’motionless. He’s no more excited to hear anyone saying “I’m there for you”. 

Who’ll be with you? 



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